What you Need to Know About Remote Control Drift Cars

In New Zealand, remote control drift cars NZ are available. RC drift cars are special remote control drift cars that exhibit the drifting variation. They are not typical RC cars because most of the time their setup is modified, especially the tires. The normal tires will be replaced with low-traction tires that are able to ease inducing and maintaining drifting. 

Remote controlled drifting is performed with a four-wheel drive RC car. Sometimes it can be a rear wheel drive RC car. Normally, car components like motors, brakes, tires, weight balance are replaced to ease the drifting.

RC drift cars can have tires made out of more durable plastic like ABS plastic or PVC. These plastics are a preference because they do not wear and tear easily. PVC lasts longer than ABS and it is inherently frictionless although it is white colored, which can sometimes make it undesirable. 

Over the years RC drifting has become a phenomenon among many RC enthusiasts. So much so that many competitions specific to RC drifting are carried out around the world. These are serious competitions that are judged by professionals and a winner chosen.

The judging criteria usually include drifting factors like drift angle, drift speed, drift line, the show aspect or how deep the driver can hit the clipping points on the track.

Drifting surfaces are normally concrete or carpet and specific tires are usually allowed for each type of contest.

The different types of RC drift competitions include; 

50/50 where 50/50 means one half of the power is driven to the back and the other half to the front.

Countersteer where you can overspin the rear end to increase the drift. Basically, instead of using 50/50, it can be 30/70, 40/60, 20/80 among others.

Rear wheel drive where the front end wheels are fully turned in the drift direction. Rare wheel drifting makes drifting look much more realistic hence its grown popularity among RC drift car competition players and fans.