Things to Check and Consider Before Renting a Car

So you just traveled to Kerikeri and are asking yourself, where can I find Kerikeri car rentals? Before you continue with that thought, you need to understand the rules of the rental car game. Below are important things to check and consider before renting a car.


It's very important you have your valid paperwork with you before renting a car. You will have no access to any rental car without a driver's licence and a valid credit card in your name. These are the most significant requirements by a car rental service.

Check the car

So everything is all set and done and they just handed you the rental car keys, don't just drive off. Check the car first for scratches or dents. You don't want to be responsible for damage you didn't cause. 

Get familiar with the rental car

There is a great possibility that the rental car you get may be different from the models you are used to driving. It's important you get familiar with the rental car before take off. Know where car functions are, things like the handbrake, air conditioning, lights. You can even adjust the seat and mirrors to your own liking.

Ask what fuel your car uses

Make sure to ask the kind of fuel your rental car uses. You don't want to wait until you run out of fuel and then find out you don't actually know what type of fuel the car uses. And of course there is the ugly fact that if you return the car with an empty tank you may have to pay double the fuel cost.

Be clear on where you plan to go

Planing before hand makes travel much easier. Be clear on the locations you plan to visit. This not only allows you to budget effectively but also to manage your time well.

Return the car on time

Late return of rental cars usually equals extra charges. You probably don't want to fall victim of these extra charges so make sure to return the car on time.

Other things that can cost you extra charges with rental cars

  • Any damage to the car including scratches, dents, broken mirrors, flat tires among others.
  • Parking tickets and any fines incurred because of traffic violations.
  • Being 25 or under. Many car rentals charge more for being aged 25 or under, apparently youths equal greater liability.
  • Any extra people going to drive the car except the one renting it.
  • Losing the car keys.
  • Offroading, in other words dirt roads are a big no.
  • Drinking and driving.