The Modern Art of Videography

Looking for videographers Christchurch does not need to be a tricky affair. With a little help on the basics, you can get started on this modern art of storytelling. Videography covers the entire process of capturing moving pictures. A videographer handles the whole process alone or with a few others. 

The modern art of videography includes:

•Video production- this is commonly interchanged with filmmaking. The video content produced here is a result of digitally recording images instead of recording the same images on traditional film stock. It takes a lot planning, scheduling, logistics and scriptwriting to produce quality content. All the pre-production processes are followed by the actual filming of the subject of the film then the film goes into post-production where editing, cutting and grading of all elements of the video take place. How the story of an event is told is dependent on who is there to capture the event in a form that will preserve those precious moments for all time.

•Audio production- is the delicate process of taking the time to select the right microphone, test for scratch, set up Foley pits, tuning instruments and masterfully processing the playback. Every setting requires a different approach. The sound for broadcast is different to that for live sound and tat of music production. It takes hundreds of hours to paint a picture using sound and even longer to master the art of doing just that.

•Live webcasting- is how content is recorded and immediately broadcast over the internet without first storing it. The content is digitized before compression and transmission. Viewers with the right applications for decoding this content can view it live on the various streaming platforms in use today. The whole process is very technical and that is why it important to get a professional to do the hard bits for you.

Videography has become a crucial part of how stories are remembered. The impact of any broadcast is determined by how many people it can reach. So whether you are in Christchurch, New Zealand or in Auckland and Wellington, the right company with the right tools for the job will get you heard and seen worldwide.